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A one size fits all approach doesn't address
the root cause of disease. 
We partner with you by listening to your unique story and providing care that addresses the source of your health issues. 

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that gets to the root cause of illness.

 Using the functional medicine approach, we look upstream to identify the source of illness in your life. Functional medicine uses the latest in diagnostic testing as well as a variety of treatment methods, including nutritional supplements, targeted support for your immune system, botanical medicines, homeopathy, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, and stress-management techniques - to promote wellness and create a comprehensive, personalized plan of care.


 Take the first step on your journey to wellness with the holistic approach to healthcare that our functional medicine doctor offers.   


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"We look forward to providing you with the care and support you need to reach your health goals and achieve wellness."

Dr. Sarah Williams, DC & Team

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"I was on Sertraline for Anxiety, Hydroxyzine for sleeping (which didn’t always work) Probiotics to
keep me regular (again, not always helpful) and Birth Control for PMDD which stopped my
period completely. After a few scary mammograms and a new onset issue with brain fog, I had enough of all of these medications and I really wanted to look at the core my issues. I felt like I’m 43 with a 4year old, this can not be what life is going to be like forever!

Enter Dr. Sarah Williams. We had our first consult, assessed my issues and started with some
immunity supplements as well as brain fog supplements to get my head back in the game. I
even told her that I won’t get my hopes up, and she said “no -get your hopes up!”
These supplements alone has made me life change a drastic180. I sleep, I can THINK logically,
inflammation just poured off my body, my skin glows again, I feel more like myself than I have in
15 years!
I write this review because I want other women (and men) to know they’re not alone and there
are more options than just Big Pharma. I had skepticism of the all natural approach but I am a
firm believer now. I was willing to do anything to feel normal again and I’m so grateful I did.
Thank you Dr Williams and your team. This has been worth every penny and I’m forever
indebted to the knowledge I’ve gained and the limb I went out on to try this.."
        Katie M.