A Taste of Local

September 17, 2014
A Taste of Local

COOKING CLASSES AT THE LITTLE HOUSE – Did you know that right here in Concord you can experience farm fresh food and a rustic kitchen while you learn new cooking techniques and enjoy a few hours out?

Farm-inspired catering and cooking classes With Saltbox Farm, Chef Ben Elliott, a professionally trained chef and–more recently–farmer, realized he had an opportunity to offer the surrounding communities unique culinary experiences that focus on local ingredients, seasonal cooking, and the preservation of culinary traditions. Ben began offering cooking lessons when he found that people not only wanted access to great cooking and ingredients– they wanted to know how to prepare delicious dishes themselves.

In 2013, Saltbox Farm expanded its offerings with the restoration of the property’s Little House. There, guests may partake in a range of cooking classes that focus on classic techniques and local ingredients that will get you eating more delicious, and more healthful, food.

Today, Saltbox Farm is a small team of talented chefs, culinary teachers, and farmers united by a passion for the simple pleasures of sharing a great meal around a table with friends and family.

Saltbox Farm is located 40 Westford Road, Concord, MA 01742 – Contact at :(978) 610-6020 – info@saltboxfarmconcord.com

“We believe in the simple pleasures of the table, eating locally whenever possible, farming responsibly and preserving culinary traditions. Offering catering, cooking classes, and a CSA, Saltbox Farm serves as a resource for locally grown food and culinary education for home cooks and enthusiasts.”
-Saltbox Farm

Take the first step to creating whole food living! See you there!

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