Anxious? Depressed? A Healthy Gut May Hold The Key To Feeling Better

September 30, 2014
Anxious? Depressed? A Healthy Gut May Hold The Key To Feeling Better

Staying calm under the pressures of modern life is becoming increasingly challenging. Prolonged stress can put you at risk for anxiety and depression, not to mention obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Thanks to new research, help may lie in having a healthy digestive system.

While we all know that stress affects our mood, emerging research is shedding light on the important role that the bacteria in our gut appear to play in our mental health. Substances secreted by these bacteria have been found to be the same neuro-transmitters that regulate our emotions. Under stress, the bad bacteria in our digestive system increase which, in turn, can negatively impact our mental well-being. This discovery adds to the growing body of knowledge connecting not only anxiety and depression to gastrointestinal illnesses, but autism and hyperactivity as well.

Improve Your Resilience To Stress Through A Healthy Gut

Although you may not be able to eliminate certain sources of stress from your life, you can improve your resilience and, thus, your mental health. A lack of beneficial bacteria in your gut can cause the lining of your gut to become more permeable. Having a leaky gut affects not only your immune system, but as new research shows, it may also be making you anxious and depressed. Maintaining a healthy bacterial balance in your gut is key to staying resilient and feeling good.

That’s why it’s important to find out if your gut is as healthy as it can be. Ask your healthcare practitioner about ways you can improve the health of your gut. For more information on the importance of a healthy gut, contact us today.

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