Functional Medicine Near Andover, MA

Many people struggle with chronic health concerns like digestive and autoimmune disorders. If you’re dealing with chronic inflammation and pain, we can help. Our approach to healthcare targets the root cause of your symptoms and promotes healing throughout the whole body.

We Help Patients In Andover, MA

We help patients restore their immune systems near Andover, MA, and the surrounding areas. Andover is a suburb of Essex County with over 36,000 residents. We love bringing our services to the area. Our office is close to Andover, MA. Our address is 56 Winthrop Street Concord, MA 01742.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Do Functional Medicine Doctors Do?

The first thing functional medicine doctors do is listen to your health concerns. They focus on finding the root cause of symptoms like headaches, inflammation, or digestive issues. When the body isn’t functioning properly, there is always an underlying reason. They don’t immediately prescribe medication. Instead, they look at your medical history, genetic makeup, and current lifestyle. All of these factors contribute to your health.

Does Functional Medicine Diagnose Health Conditions?

Functional medicine doctors diagnose several kinds of health conditions. Asthma, adrenal disorders, and autoimmune disorders are just a few. Many people visit functional medicine doctors when they want a natural solution to restore their health. These doctors go through medical training and specialize in the field of functional medicine.

Make a Change, Call Us

If you are ready to change the way you are treating your health issues, give us a call. Dr. Williams and the staff are waiting to hear from you. We can be reached by telephone, email, or on our website by the contact us form. What are you waiting for?