Functional Medicine Near Cambridge, MA

Conventional medicine may make you feel frustrated with the lack of complete alleviation of all symptoms. If you find yourself growing tired of standard treatments of care you may consider seeing a Functional Medicine Practitioner .

Dr. Sarah Williams is a Doctor of Chiropractics who specializes in Functional Medicine. She also has her Masters in Human Nutrition/Functional Medicine, she is certified in Homeopathy, specializes in genomics, and functional immunology. The mission of her practice is to help the residents in Cambridge and all of Massachusetts with a personalized care plan that helps them achieve healing and wellness.

FAQ Section

Do Functional Medicine Doctors Prescribe Medicine?

Functional medicine doctors do prescribe medication as needed. They may use medication as a tool to establish healing or resolution of an ailment to help treat the root cause of a disease. For example, medicine may be used to help clear up a bacterial infection that may be present causing an array of symptoms. Dr. Sarah William’s main focus however is using homeopathic and alternative approaches for treating illness usually before introducing medication.

Is a Naturopath The Same as a Functional Medicine Doctor?

Naturopathic doctors are different from functional medicine doctors in that their only forms of treatment include naturopathic, holistic treatments. They do not integrate conventional medications with natural remedies. Functional medicine doctors like Dr. Sarah Williams uses specialized laboratory testing in conjunction with a healing dietary regime and other holistic and conventional means of support if necessary.

What Tests Do Functional Medicine Doctors Do?

There are a variety of tests that may be performed by a functional medicine doctor. Thyroid testing, food sensitivity tests, and nutritional absorption tests are some of the most common. A functional medicine doctor may also measure the level of vitamins and minerals present in your body.

Dr. Sarah Williams uses the most cutting-edge diagnostic tests in her practice. She frequently uses the following tests to help identify root causes of her patient’s health issues: Intestinal Permeability Panel, Food Sensitivity Testing. Gluten Sensitivity Panel, Autoimmune Panel, as well as a Pathogen Immune Reactivity Screen.

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