Functional Medicine Near Lexington, MA

Modern-day medicine can make you feel like you are a hamster running on a wheel. You are prescribed one medication after another with no cure in sight. If you find yourself growing tired of conventional treatments you may consider seeing a Functional Medicine Practitioner.

Dr. Sarah Williams is a Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in Functional Medicine. She also has her Masters in Human Nutrition/Functional Medicine, certified in Homeopathy, specializes in genomics, and functional immunology. The mission of her practice is to help the residents in Lexington and all of Massachusetts with a personalized care plan that helps them achieve healing and wellness.

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We have an office in Nantucket and Lincoln as well as offer telehealth appointments. If you feel tired of being sick please call Dr. Sarah Williams today. She is passionate about helping the people of Lexington and surrounding cities achieve restored health and immune balance. Please contact our office today!