Functional Medicine Near Wellesley, MA

Whether you suffer from a chronic illness, constant discomfort that you can’t get to the bottom of, or are the epitome of good health, you will benefit from seeing a functional medicine doctor. Practitioners of functional medicine partner with their clients to create an individualized plan to improve overall wellness. Dr. Williams works with individuals and families to restore health and vitality through functional nutrition and homeopathy.

Dr. Sarah Williams is a Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in Functional Medicine. She also has her Masters in Human Nutrition/Functional Medicine, she is certified in Homeopathy, specializes in the genomics, and functional immunology. Her mission is to help the residents in Burlington and all of Massachusetts with a personalized care plan that helps them achieve healing and wellness.

Functional Medicine Patients Near Wellesley, MA

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Functional Medicine FAQ

Before visiting our Concord office, you may have questions about our unique approach to treatment and wellness. If you desire to know more about how functional medicine can benefit you or your loved ones, contact Dr. Williams today.

What is an example of functional medicine?

Chiropractic care is one example of functional medicine, as it helps patients achieve optimal health in a natural way. This type of medicine focuses on finding the root cause of disease and illness instead of simply addressing the symptoms. It is a holistic approach to health that focuses on optimizing the function of the entire body and its organs.

What is the difference between functional medicine and naturopathy?

Naturopathy and functional medicine are similar in many ways, including patient-centered care, a whole-person approach, and treating the root cause rather than only the symptoms. The main principle of naturopathy is the healing power of nature and physicians believe the body can heal itself as long as they provide the right tools. While some areas of functional medicine have origins in naturopathy, functional medicine focuses more on science-based research. 

What Does A Functional Medicine Doctor Do?

When people search online for “a functional medicine doctor near me,” they are often looking for holistic solutions for their health conditions. Traditional medicine usually focuses on treating the symptoms. The issue most people experience is that they rarely identify the cause of their chronic illness. 

Functional medicine uses a systems-oriented approach to health issues. This means doctors use science-based research and closely examine how the body’s systems work together for or against your health. This whole-body approach is the best way to uncover the root cause of illness and begin healing.

What Are Common Health Issues Functional Medicine Treats?

There are several factors that contribute to health issues. Environmental factors, medical history, nutrition, exercise, and aging are common factors that contribute to common health issues. Functional medicine can help treat a wide variety of health issues such as allergies, digestive issues, autoimmune conditions, and mental health disorders. 

Functional medicine focuses on locating the root cause of illness, rather than the symptoms, to improve overall health and wellness. Creating a customized approach to recovery allows patients to recover naturally according to their unique body system. We believe this is the best way to restore balance to the body and prevent future health issues. 

When Should I See A Functional Medicine Doctor?

The great thing about functional medicine is that it is helpful in all health conditions and illnesses. Functional medicine doctors use the same approach to uncover the source of health issues, but they customize treatment for each patient to promote lasting recovery. 

If you are dealing with chronic illness, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with a functional medicine doctor. Persistent issues are often a sign of a deeper issue and can alter your quality of life. Some chronic issues include inflammation, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, headaches, insomnia, asthma, arthritis, and cancer.

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Dr. Williams is passionate about vibrant health and wants to help you on your journey to health and vitality. We believe you, your environment, your genetic makeup, and your lifestyle are unique, and that’s why we want to create an individualized plan for your healthcare. Our unique consultation session allows us to work together to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

We look forward to forming new partnerships with clients in Wellesley and the surrounding area. Our personalized healthcare approach will get to the root cause of your illness and have you on the road to a long and healthy life. Contact us.