In 2019 while practicing on Nantucket I developed two tick borne diseases: Babesia and Lyme. Nantucket is ground zero for ticks. I was working on a research project at the time: The Gut Microbiome and Chronic Lyme to address chronic lyme symptoms in patients by supporting the gut microbiome. When I develped  Babesia and Lyme it changed the way I approached treatment of chronic lyme patients.  I had to walk the walk to talk the talk so to speak.  When you have Babesia all systems are crashing-WBC, RBC, platelets.  Liver enzymes rise. No appetite. Rapid weight loss and SOB with air hunger.  Parasites attack the RBC so there is not enough oxygen.  I was fortunate to have a colleague and mentor who pointed me in the direction of Functional Immunology which is the foundation of functional medicine.  Following a program for immune balance and resiliency I was back to vibrant health after 3 months. I have a renewed vision of  healing that includes functional immunology. I  am able to give my patients the tools for a balanced immune system and greater health.

My passion for health began at a very young age having asthma. I was driven to find a way to restore my health so I could breath with ease.  


I was fortunate to have the forsight to go to the southwest and begin pre-med studies earning a nursing degree.  I completed my studies at the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon as a Chiropractic Physician, with the ability to serve as a primary care provider.


I also earned a Masters in Human Nutrition/Functional Medicine and is also certified in classical Homeopathy.  


My post graduate studies are in the field of genomics and functional immunology.  

I am a volunteer with the Human Genome Project.

I am a 2017 TNP Academy Scholar with the Nantucket Project





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