Dr. Williams' passion for health began at a very young age. As an asthmatic, her great grandmother used natural modalities for the attacks.  Allopathic therapies offered relief, but were not curative.


The quest for finding a cure brought her to Arizona's desert climate, for a geographical healing, and to study nutrition.


A naturopath/chiropractor inspired her to become a holisitc practitioner.  


She began pre-med studies in Tucson, earning a nursing degree.  She completed her studies at Western States University in Portland, Oregon as a Chiropractic Physician, with the ability to serve as a primary care provider.


She has a Masters in Human Nutrition/Functional Medicine and is also certified in classical Homeopathy.  


Her post graduate studies are in the field of genomics and bringing nutrigenomics into the clinical setting.  Nutritional genomics is the study of how foods affect our genes and how individual genetic differences can affect the way we respond to nutrients (and other naturally occurring compounds) in the foods we eat.


She is a volunteer with the Human Genome Project and has had her whole genome and microbiome sequenced.  

She was a 2017 TNP Academy Scholar





Is Your Immune System Ready for Winter?

November 22, 2019

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