Anxious? Depressed? A Healthy Gut May Hold The Key To Feeling Better

Staying calm under the pressures of modern life is becoming increasingly challenging. Prolonged stress can put you at risk for anxiety and depression, not to mention obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Thanks to new research, help may lie in having a healthy digestive system. While we all know that stress affects our mood, emerging research is shedding light on the important role that the bacteria in our gut appear to play in our mental health. Substances secreted by these bacteria have been found to be the same neuro-transmitters that regulate our emotions. Under stress, the bad bacteria in our digestive system increase which, in turn, can negatively impact our mental well-being. Thi

Come out of the Gray with a Better Mood! SUPPORT for a Calm, Positive Mood.....

Staying on task in today's stress-filled world isn't easy. Improving your body's own resilience in the face of many challenges involves proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and exercise. Occasionally, your body needs the help of targeted nutritional support in the form of supplements like SeroSyn. This clinically effective formula targets not just your stress response, but your cognition and mood as well. Utilizing L-5-HTP and L-theanine to support healthy levels of specific neurotransmitters and considered to create a calming effect. Asian ginseng, an herbal adaptogen, is also provided, traditionally used to increase the body's resistance to stress and promote a sense of well-being. Specific B

A Taste of Local

COOKING CLASSES AT THE LITTLE HOUSE - Did you know that right here in Concord you can experience farm fresh food and a rustic kitchen while you learn new cooking techniques and enjoy a few hours out? Farm-inspired catering and cooking classes With Saltbox Farm, Chef Ben Elliott, a professionally trained chef and–more recently–farmer, realized he had an opportunity to offer the surrounding communities unique culinary experiences that focus on local ingredients, seasonal cooking, and the preservation of culinary traditions. Ben began offering cooking lessons when he found that people not only wanted access to great cooking and ingredients– they wanted to know how to prepare delicious dishes t

Increase Your Focus And Release Your Anxiety.... Naturally!

We live in an era of distraction. Whether you're at work, at home or running errands, you're continually bombarded with messages, be it from social media, email, the internet, texts, calls or television. Due to this constant stream of stimulation, even mild symptoms of distraction can increase feelings of stress and anxiety, often keeping you from focusing on the task at hand. Our normal "Go To"s for increased focus include beverages like cola, energy drinks, and coffee. But some of these also contain synthetic caffeine and sugar. Consuming sugary drinks supplies you with a temporary boost of energy followed by a crash which can leave you more anxious and less able to focus than before. Ther

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