Eating for Optimal Wellness

Everyone knows that the foods we eat can impact our health, but how much thought have you given to how your current diet is affecting your genes? To past generations, the way our genes express themselves was assumed to be etched in stone, immutable. The field of epigenetics has shown those assumptions to be false. Environmental pollutants, hormones, bacteria, viruses, and basic nutrients are among the many factors which can negatively affect how our genes function. Overfed and Undernourished The average american diet is rich in foods that are processed and high in animal protein, saturated fat, salt and sugar. We consume a lot of food, but much of that food is not nourshing--not rich in t

Having Trouble Losing Weight? Your Sleep May be To Blame

Weight gain is the result of many factors: poor dietary habits, lack if exercise, stress, and thyroid dysfunction, to name a few. But what about sleep? New research had found that the quality and quantity of sleep impacts your eating habits and metabolism, putting you at risk for weight gain. Too Little Sleep, Too Much Snacking: A Recipe for Weight Gain When we don't get enough sleep, our appetite increases causing us to snack and--as shown in a recent study by the University of Chicago--we tend to crave foods that are salty, calorie-rich, and high in fat--foods that can make us put on weight. Even having had a satisfying meal just 2 hours earlier did not reduce the food craving in the stu

Apples vs Pears: Is One Body Shape Healthier than the Other?

Apples are good for you, right? While eating apples is healthy, having the so-called apple figure is not. You may have heard of body types categorized as either apple-shaped or pear-shaped. Apple shapes gain weight in their midsection while pear shapes tend to add weight below the waistline, often to their hips. Reearch has shown that apple shapes are at greater risk for lifestyle-related illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. Even a small increase in your waistline can impact your health in a big way. Why? It has to do with the heightened risk of coronary disease, stroke, or both that are associated with increases in your waistline, your waist-to-hip ratio, and your BMI (Body Mass

What Does A Healthy You Look Like?

Perhaps you have a clear idea in your mind of what you need to change to optimize your health. Or, you have goals you would like to achieve, but don't know how to realize them. Maybe you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired, but can't seem to find a way out of the rut in which you find yourself. Whatever your situation, we can help. Using the First Line Therapy health screen, we'll focus on answering these questions and on developing a personalized nutritional plan to improve your health. In order to know where you're going, you need to look back at where you've been. How did you arrive at your current state of health? During your First Line Therapy health screen, we will identi

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