Is Your Heartburn Medication Causing Your Indigestion?

Are you plagued by bloating, feeling full after a meal or poor digestion? Too little stomach acid could be to blame. While most of us have experienced indigestion at one point or another, the cause of our indigestion is often traced back to too much stomach acid. Low stomach acid - or hypochlorhydria - can cause similar symptoms and even result from taking acid blocking medications. Stomach Acid: Why You Need It The acid in your stomach plays an essential role in healthy digestion. When you eat, your stomach acid, along with the enzyme Pepsin, act to breakdown food into smaller particles so that it can be more thoroughly digested and absorbed in the small intestine. Without enough hydroch

Could Your Medication Be Affecting Your Nutritional Status?

Most of us know that all commonly prescribed medications and over-the-counter medications have side effects. But did you know that they can also interfere with the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals, leading to nutritional deficiencies? Additional negative interactions between the nutritional supplements, herbs, and the medications you take may also occur. If you're taking medications and nutritional supplements, you should be aware of the potential implications for your health. Here's a list of some of the most common medications and their main side effects as well as their interactions with herbs and supplements: Antibiotics: Deplete several B vitamins as well as vitamin K and se

Renewing Your Life Through Mindfulness

Being in the moment without becoming burnt out is a challenge many of us face. Whether struggling under the stress that comes from endless multitasking or weighed down by the drudgery of the daily grind, it's all too easy to become disconnected from the present. Mindfulness - being engaged in your moment by moment experiences through a non-judgmental attitude and a sense of curiosity - can foster healthier relationships and improve your performance at work by bringing fresh enthusiasm into every area of your life. While mindfulness has it's origin in Buddhism, it's become more mainstream in recent years due to the benefits it provides. Various industries from medicine to aviation to manufac

Revitalize Your Life This Summer By Detoxifying Body, Mind & Soul

In today's world, toxins come in many forms. Environmental pollutants affect the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat. Many of the products you use daily contain substances which can be detrimental to your health. Then there are the toxins produced within your own body as a result of medications, an unhealthy gut or the impaired ability of your own body to get rid of toxins naturally. Alone or in combination, these toxins can mount an attack on your physical and mental health. But what about your relationships, your work environment, and your own thought patterns? Toxicity in any of these areas can also negatively affect your well-being and limit the effectiveness of a

The Top Five Threats To Your Health

There are a lot of things which compete for your time and attention these days. In an effort to manage all the demands on your time, you may be tempted to let your health take a backseat. Yet, your health is one of the most precious things you possess and it's vital to your being able to successfully meet the challenges at hand. Here are five areas where your health could be at risk and some steps you can take to counter those threats. Top Five Threats To Your Health 1. Stress: You've probably guessed that stress would figure in somewhere on this list. Well, it ranks as number one. What puts stress at the top of the list is the fact that all of the other 4 threats to your health are influenc

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