Keep Stress From Wreaking Havoc on Your Health

Today, stress has become the new normal, but there is nothing normal or good about prolonged stress when it comes to your mental and physical well-being. That's because your body reacts to stress on many levels, often with serious and far-reaching consequences to your health. The good news is that you can counteract stress and even embrace the sources of moderate stress as opportunities for personal growth. Everyone perceives and reacts to stress differently. Some people even seem to thrive on stress. The physiologic effects on the body, however, are similar. What's important is to be aware of how stress affects you. This blog will show you where you're at risk and ways you can recover from

A Recipe For Healthy Digestion

If you suffer from poor digestion, you know that proper nutrition involves more than just eating high quality food. How you eat and how your body digests food are just as important as what you eat. Think of healthy digestion as a recipe with six key ingredients: Proper Nutrients + Eating Slowly + Adeguate Amounts of Stomach Acid And Digestive Enzymes + Beneficial Gut Bacteria + A Healthy Gut Lining = Healthy Digestion and a Healthy You Each ingredient is explained below, followed by a video that highlights the Five Pillars of GI Health and how functional medicine can restore health to your gut and vitality to your life. Eating Slowly Healthy digestion involves much more than just chewing a

Cultivating a Healthy You in 2017

For many of us, "better health" features prominently on our list of New Year's resolutions. But where to start? Three key areas to focus on in 2017 are digestive health, immune health, and adrenal (think stress response) health. Your overall health is intricately connected to the vitality of each of these areas. An imbalance in any one of them can negatively impact the proper functioning of the others with far-reaching consequences for your entire body. This blog is the first in a series focusing on achieving wellness by restoring health to these important bodily systems. Digestive Health: That Gut Feeling As you may have already guessed, your gut isn't just a digestive organ, but a sensory

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