Signs You Might Be Suffering From A Sluggish Liver

Fatigue, dark circles under the eyes, depression, hormonal imbalances, muscle and joint pains, skin problems, and headaches can all come from the same source: poor liver function. Although the outward signs may not seem terribly severe, compromised liver function is far more serious than you might think. In fact, a recent analysis reports that from 2009-2012 there were twice as many cases of severe liver disease than a decade earlier. Furthermore, the number of adolescents and young adults with chronic liver disease has more than doubled in the last three decades. Your Liver: Working Overtime To Maintain Your Health When it comes to keeping you healthy, your liver works overtime. Your liver

Leaky Gut Syndrome At A Glance

Did you know that anxiety, acne, allergies, asthma and autoimmune illness all have something in common? It's called leaky gut syndrome and it's one of the major sources of underlying inflammation in your body. If left untreated, it can lead to numerous health problems elsewhere in your body. By healing your gut, you can restore health and vitality to your life. A Leaky Gut: What It Is Your digestive tract is lined with cells that work to: Protect you by keeping bad bacteria and other pathogens from gaining access to your bloodstream Absorb the food you eat and the liquids you drink When your gut is healthy, only key nutrients and fluids are "allowed in" or absorbed, through specific checkp

Steps You Can Take To Fight Age-Related Immune Dysfunction

There's no denying it: by the time you finish reading this article, you'll have aged. Hopefully, you'll have also grown a bit wiser with regard to how you can promote your own and your family's good health for decades to come. While you may think that the way you age is already determined by your genes and, thus, etched in stone, that's true only to a certain degree. Research in the field of epigenetics (which studies how the expression of your genes can be influenced by factors such as lifestyle, environment, presence of disease, and age) has brought to light the crucial role you play in directing the course of your health over your lifetime. Investing In Good Health For The Long Haul When

The Key To A Healthy Immune System is At Your Fingertips

The most important thing you can do to improve your immune system is at your fingertips - more exactly, it's what's on your fork. The type of diet you consume determines the type of nutrients and fuel you feed to your immune cells. A diet deficient in certain nutrients can make you more vulnerable to infections, slow your healing time, and expose you to damage caused by free radicals, an end-product of metabolism. By adjusting your diet to include foods that support immune function and exclude those that add a toxic burden to your body, you can make significant improvements in your overall health. For an overview of how to build a healthy immune system, check out this video. Eat Smart Eating

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