Struggling to Reach & Maintain a Healthy Weight?

You're not alone. Stress can cause your cortisol levels to become imbalanced which can make it hard to lose weight. A simple saliva test is all you need to assess your stress response and start on your path to reaching a healthy weight. For many people, changing their diet and exercising are not enough to help them lose weight. That's because stress and several other factors negatively impact your ability to lose weight and keep it off long term: Stress Diet Sleep Exercise Hormones Inflammation Gut Health Toxins Genes Medications Certain Medical Conditions When, Where, Why & How You Eat When it comes to reaching a healthy weight, there's no such thing a

Revolutionize Your Health with the Microbiome Diet

You can celebrate the holidays with foods that curb your cravings, improve your energy, stabilize your blood sugar, and facilitate weight loss. The microbiome diet makes a world of difference to your health by promoting a stable blood sugar level based on your gut bacteria. It's all about your unique gut microbiome. Your body is filled with trillions of microorganisms and their genes that comprise what is called your microbiome. The vast majority of these bacteria live in your gut where they play a central role in keeping you healthy by helping you digest and absorb your food, synthesize vitamins, control your appetite and metabolism, influence your mood, train your immune system, and deter

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