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September 9, 2022
change your mindset

Can Our Mindset Make Us Sick?

An often-overlooked pillar of health is our mindset.
But what is mindset, really? Our mindsets are created by those scripts that roll around in our heads. You know the ones: I’m not thin enough, or not rich enough, or I am too busy, or I’m stressed out, or, or, or… We allow those
thoughts to play beneath the level of our conscious awareness until they become who we are. They become our beliefs. They become our mindset.
Our thoughts, be they conscious or unconscious, create our personal reality.
If we want to change our personal reality, we need to change our thoughts.

Statistics about our thoughts
– 95% of who we are by the time we are 35 is a set of memorized thoughts, behaviors, programs, habits and emotions.
– We have 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day and 90% of them are the same thoughts we had yesterday.
– Of those 60 to 70,000 thoughts, of which 90% are the same,70% are negative and produce the hormones of stress.

We are essentially a bunch of unconscious habits with the same thoughts, most of which are creating stress hormones in our bodies. Those stress chemicals are addictive, and they trigger negative emotions. Stress has been normalized in our society. But stress turns on the fight or flight response which was designed as an adaptive reaction to a short-term stress. It is now maladaptive because we live in constant stress. Chronic stress knocks our bodies out of homeostasis which can lead to dis-ease. When we are in fight or flight, our eyes dilate, our digestion stops, our heart rate elevates, we narrow our focus, and stress hormones are excreted into our bodies.

There are many tools that can help us move from our sympathetic nervous system (flight or fight) to our parasympathetic nervous system (restorative and regulates rest and digestion). Breath is one tool. Meditation is another.

Changing your mindset is another. As part of our Stress Recovery services, we are now offer the Change Your Mind, Create New Results program led by Carole Murko, who is joining my practice. She is a certified NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant, trained by Dr. Joe Dispenza, the creator of the Change Your Mind… Create New Results program. This comprehensive program is designed to help people living in survival mode due to high stress get beyond their emotions and change their internal state or their biology. During the program, Carole will meet with you for 2 hours once a week for 5 weeks to train you in how to change your mindset using Dr. Dispenza’s science-based approach. Also included in the program are workbooks, a genius journal, two 30-minute coaching sessions, and two meditation downloads.

If our thoughts/mindset can make us sick,
then our thoughts/mindset can also make us well. Learn more by watching this short video:

YouTube video

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