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Functional Medicine in Nantucket, MA

Each person on the planet has a unique DNA that separates them from the rest of humanity. It would be nice to feel that way when you go to see your doctor wouldn’t it? Many times, patients feel like they are treated like everyone else. Given the same prescription for a diagnosis that thousands of others share. Doctors far too often treat the patient’s symptoms rather than the person. Though medical technology has made tremendous advances over the last 100 years, it seems as though our society is overburdened with diseases.

Dr. Sarah Williams is a chiropractic doctor with her Masters in Human Nutrition/Functional Medicine and certified in Homeopathy. Dr. Williams also specializes in genomics and functional immunology. Her purpose is to give her patient’s in Nantucket and all of Massachusetts customized care based on their personal health, genetic makeup, and lifestyle choices. Treating and helping improve symptoms of patients who suffer from anything from Lyme disease, food allergies, joint pain, autoimmune disease, and much more.

What is Functional Medicine?

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This breath of fresh air approach differs from conventional medical treatment. Many patients are used to feeling like just a number or as if they have to ask their doctor what is allowed and what isn’t allowed. Functional medicine helps you approach your symptoms with resources, education, and support, and tools needed to improve your health. This type of health practice incorporates physical, mental, and spiritual health elements. Dr. Williams and her staff help evaluate your health history, diet and lifestyle choices, and some key mind-body components that drive your overall health getting at the core causes of your symptoms.


Our personalized approach starts with a consultation to go over previous health histories such as lab results, tests, and genetic predispositions. Dr. Williams may suggest additional labs and testing to better understand your health needs. After discussing your health desires Dr. Williams develops an individualized care plan with you. She may suggest different forms of treatment. The treatment plan may include a specific diet, exercise regimen, supplements, and other resources to improve your health. In Functional medicine we value relationships with our patients where we know them, listen to them, and treat them based on their personal health needs. 

Feel You Need a Change, Contact Us Today

We have an office in Nantucket and also offer telehealth appointments. If you feel you are ready to make a change and are done allowing your disease to have control over you please contact Dr. Sarah Williams today. She is passionate about helping the people of Nantucket and surrounding cities achieve immune balance and restored health. Please contact our office today!

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