Would you like to lose weight, optimize your metabolism, improve your cognition, and slow down the aging process?

The ProLon Longevity Program is a game-changer

when it comes to losing weight and

lowering your risk of chronic disease.


ProLon Longevity Program

ProLon's Longevity Program offers you ongoing support as you complete each of the 3 ProLon Five Day Plans.

Included in the Longevity Program are:

  • One Prolon 5 day Professional Kit delivered 1x per month or all at once.

  • An introduction call from a John Hopkins certified coach to schedule one-on-one sessions.

  • Phone calls, emails and texts in between cycles to motivate you to stay on track.

  • Eight (8) one-on-one sessions to discuss experience, answer questions and provide support

  • Six (6) days of email tips during each 5-day cycle

  • Three (3) check-in phone calls to prepare you prior to beginning the next 5-day cycle intervention.

  • Ability to call or text the coach whenever you need immediate support or have a question. 

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"Lin and I had a positive experience on the Prolon diet. We did not have any hunger pains or cravings and really enjoyed the nut bars. I lost 5 pounds on top of the ten that I had already lost on Dr Williams eating plan." 


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