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Your Initial Visit
Collecting Your Information
Prior to your initial appointment with Dr. Willliams, we will gather information on your health, your lifestyle, your family health history as well as your environment to develop a comprehensive picture of your health history.
health and wellness journey
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Personalized Consultation
Dr. Sarah Williams is a functional medicine practitioner in Concord, MA, with 40 years of experience getting to the bottom of your health issues. During your initial in-depth consultation, Dr. Willliams will review your health history, including prior lab results, and explore the genetic and environmental factors that have influenced your health. Together with you, she will create your roadmap to wellness.
Functional Lab Testing

Lab testing is essential to uncovering the root cause of your health symptoms and charting your journey to wellness. We employ the latest in diagnostic testing to identify the underlying source of your health challenges and the related drivers of inflammation. Our lab technician and phlebotomist, Lisa, will assist you with all recommended lab testing. 

health and wellness journey
health and wellness journey
Creating Your Wellness Plan

Personalized diet & lifestyle changes are an important part of your journey to wellness. Your personalized healthcare plan will include a targeted nutrition plan that uses food as medicine. Our clinical assistant will assist you in incorporating these steps into your life and healthcare plan that addresses your underlying health issues and puts you on track to achieving wellness.

Follow Up Visit
Your Individualized Health Plan 

Dr. Williams will meet with you to review the results of your lab testing and refine your customized plan of care for your health and wellness journey.

health and wellness journey

Optimizing Your Health for the Long Run

Dr. Williams will continue to work with you to optimize your health on your wellness journey. We will provide you with ongoing guidance & support so that you can maintain vitality by following a wellness lifestyle. 

health and wellness journey

Staying on Track to Meet Your Health Goals

Our clinical assistant, Elisabeth, will follow up with you to assess your progress on your wellness journey and provide you with the tools, guidance & accountability you need to stay on track to meet your personalized health goals.

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