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True Weight Loss: It's Not Just About What You Eat 


Factors that affect your ability to lose weight

Healthy diet
Stress recovery
Gut microbiome

Your path to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight begins with a look at which areas of your health are out of balance.

Here in Concord, MA, our functional medicine doctor Dr. Sarah Williams will help you with just that.

We chart your path to a healthy weight and vibrant health

by restoring balance back to your body.

Would you like to lose weight, optimize your metabolism, and improve your cognition and slow down the aging process?

ProLon targets the inflammation that plays an important role in healthy weight loss. Not only is ProLon a fat-burning game changer when it comes to losing weight, it also

lowers your risk of chronic disease.


Interested in learning how ProLon


can rejuvenate your health? 


Watch these videos!


ProLon set picture with bottle.jpg

Learn How ProLon Can

Reset Your Health by

Setting up a 

Free Discovery Call

with Our Functional Medicine Doctor, Dr. Sarah Williams!

Here's what our clients are saying about

"Lin and I had a positive experience on the Prolon diet. We did not have any hunger pains or cravings and really enjoyed the nut bars. I lost 5 pounds on top of the ten that I had already lost on Dr Williams eating plan." 


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