How I Won My Battle With Lyme & Babesia

In 2019, I developed two tick borne diseases: Babesia and Lyme. I was on Nantucket working on a research project at the time: The Gut Microbiome and Chronic Lyme. Nantucket is ground zero for ticks and I wanted to address the chronic Lyme symptoms of my patients by supporting the gut microbiome. I never thought that I, too, would contract both Babesia and Lyme.

Lyme and Babesia can impact all of your body’s major systems. With Babesia, parasites attack your red blood cells so that your body can’t transport enough oxygen to your tissues. Cellular blood counts drop while your liver enzymes rise. I was severely short of breath, had no strength, no appetite, and rapidly lost weight. I had never been so ill in my entire life.

Yet, my personal experience with Babesia and Lyme was a blessing in disguise. I was fortunate to have a colleague and mentor who pointed me in the direction of Functional Immunology. After 3 months of following a program for immune balance and resiliency, I was back to vibrant health! Functional Immunology has profoundly shaped the way I approach the care of all my patients, especially those with Lyme and other co-infections. I had to walk the walk to talk the talk, so to speak. I now have a renewed vision of healing that includes functional immunology and am able to give my patients, as their functional medicine doctor, the tools they need for a balanced immune system and greater overall health.

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