Lose Weight & Rejuvenate in 2019

January 9, 2019

Would you like to lose weight, optimize your metabolism, improve your cognition, and slow down the aging process? Groundbreaking research has shown that periodic fasting in the form of a ketogenic diet has a powerful influence on your healthspan and your lifespan.

With food available around the clock, Americans are eating at all hours of the day and night. The result is a nation with ever-increasing rates of chronic disease. Our modern patterns of eating activate pro-aging pathways that utilize hormones such as growth hormone and insulin. These pathways, while essential for growth, also block cellular rejuvenation and regeneration, leading to cellular damage and inflammation. This combination accelerates the aging process and produces many of the chronic diseases of our time.

Periodic fasting in the form of an easy, 5-day program is a game-changer when it comes to losing weight and lowering your risk of chronic disease. The fasting-mimicking diet combines the benefits of a ketogenic diet with the impressive results of periodic fasting, promoting physiological rejuvenation by improving mental focus, blood sugar management, and weight loss in addition to significantly reducing risk factors for heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, the fasting-mimicking diet facilitates weight loss, especially the loss of abdominal fat, without the loss of lean body mass. Ongoing research is now examining the impact of this diet on autoimmune disease and the immune system.

Not all fasting diets are equal, nor are all fasting diets good for you. The fasting-mimicking diet is a safe and effective 5 day program that has all the benefits of fasting without the hunger. Scientifically engineered and plant-based, this program differs from other types of fasting diets in that it allows you to eat real food and still reap the health benefits of fasting. This combination of specific foods in precise amounts has been clinically shown to activate rejuvenation pathways in the body while decreasing pro-aging pathways. Once your body’s rejuvenation pathways are triggered, cellular optimization occurs as your body starts to eliminate old and damaged cells and create new stem cells to build tissue that is leaner, stronger, and better equipped to handle the stress of aging and of daily life.

The benefits of the the fasting-mimicking diet are many and are impressive:

  • Weight loss, especially loss of abdominal fat
  • Maintenance of lean body mass (muscle & bone)
  • Reduction of Inflammation
  • Stem Cell Rejuvenation
  • Healthy Insulin Levels
  • Healthy Cholesterol Levels
  • Healthy Triglyceride Levels
  • Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  • Healthy Blood Pressure Levels
  • Enhanced Cognitive Performance

The 5 day program mimics and enhances the effects of fasting, while minimizing the inconvenience and potential adverse effects often associated with fasting. An all-inclusive meal program, the fasting-mimicking diet consists of 5 days of scientifically formulated, highly nourishing, and delicious natural foods that are ready to eat or easy to prepare. Each day’s meals are packaged, making it convenient and easy to follow the program.

When combined with an individualized food and lifestyle plan, the fasting-mimicking diet helps you build a better you from the inside out. If you would like to improve your overall health, lose weight, and increase your longevity in 2019, please ask us about this revolutionary program.


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The contents of this blog are intended for educational purposes only. The information presented here is not a substitute for proper medical attention, diagnosis, or treatment by a qualified healthcare professional. Always seek the advice of your healthcare provider before starting or making any changes to an existing treatment plan, exercise program or dietary regimen and before using nutritional supplements.

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