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Acai Bowl

Like Smoothies? 

Try a Smoothie Bowl.

Here's our no-fail formula:⠀

  • Liquid base: choose one (or a combination) of a dairy-free milk such as

    • almond, cashew, coconut or pea milk

    • +/-  water or ice

  • Frozen fruit: ensure that it's frozen to get that thick consistency and an ice cold smoothie without ice (which tends to water it down)⠀

  • Boosters: pump up the nutrition with add-ins like seeds or greens

  • Toppings: Top your smoothie in a bowl with something crunchy, a bit of fresh fruit and a drizzle of your favorite nut butter⠀

If you're looking for an easy way to get more fruits & vegetables into your daily diet, smoothies & smoothie bowls
are a great option.

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boost your immune health,
and taste great?
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