Revolutionize Your Health with the Microbiome Diet

December 6, 2019

You can celebrate the holidays with foods that curb your cravings, improve your energy, stabilize your blood sugar, and facilitate weight loss. The microbiome diet makes a world of difference to your health by promoting a stable blood sugar level based on your gut bacteria.

It’s all about your unique gut microbiome.

Your body is filled with trillions of microorganisms and their genes that comprise what is called your microbiome. The vast majority of these bacteria live in your gut where they play a central role in keeping you healthy by helping you digest and absorb your food, synthesize vitamins, control your appetite and metabolism, influence your mood, train your immune system, and determine how your genes are expressed.

It’s all about truly personalized nutrition.

Scientific research into the gut microbiome has revealed that the bacteria in your gut influence how you metabolize your food. Food that’s healthy for one person may not be healthy for you due to a difference in the type of bacteria in your gut. Thanks to evolving research in this field, it is now possible to evaluate just how your gut bacteria affect your blood sugar response to various foods.

The Microbiome Diet analyzes a small amount of your stool and then develops your own personal database of foods and food combinations that promote a healthy blood sugar response. The Microbiome Diet gives you the flexibility to eat healthy foods that you enjoy without spiking your blood sugar. Moreover, you can easily access your personal food recommendations using your mobile app.

It’s all about controlling your blood sugar.

We all know that eating foods high in sugar or high in refined carbohydrates will spike our blood sugar. Yet, even certain whole foods that are healthy for you – like an apple – can also cause an unhealthy rise in your blood sugar depending on the type of bacteria in your gut. That’s where the Microbiome Diet can make a world of difference to your health by identifying which foods you should eat with an apple to promote a healthy blood sugar response. And if you have Type 2 Diabetes, the Microbiome Diet can revolutionize your blood sugar management.

More than a third of all Americans now suffer from prediabetes. This condition occurs in individuals who have a higher than normal blood sugar average as measured by their HbA1C. Elevated blood sugar levels wreak havoc with your body if left unchecked. Overtime, your body becomes less sensitive to insulin – a hormone that helps transfer glucose into the cells for use as energy. This raises your blood sugar levels even more, leading to Type 2 Diabetes. The complications of long term diabetes are severe: blindness, amputation, and kidney failure. High blood sugar levels also increase your risk of a cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Steps You Can Take Today To Improve Your Blood Sugar

The good news is that you can start taking steps today to improve your blood sugar levels. Here are four of the most important steps:

  • Get Moving: Physical activity is the magic pill when it comes to improving your blood sugar and your overall health. If you can only pick one thing to do from this list – this is it! Be sure to check with your healthcare practitioner first before starting an exercise regimen.
  • Get Enough Sleep: Current research has shown the impact that the quality and the quantity of your sleep has on your ability to lose weight and on your risk of developing a chronic illness like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, or cancer. Getting 8 hours of sleep a night and sleeping well throughout the night are essential to maintaining a healthy immune response and blood sugar response.
  • Know Your Numbers: HbA1C is a number that represents your average blood sugar over a 3 month period. It provides you with a snapshot of how well or how poorly you are managing your blood sugar. If you don’t know what your HbA1C is, ask your healthcare practitioner.
  • Develop Healthy Eating Habits That Will Last: Building healthy eating habits that last is within your reach! Whether you are looking to better manage your portion sizes or make better choices about what you eat, starting slowly and taking small steps are key to lasting success. The ongoing support and accountability that a health coach provides can make all the difference in your ability to reach your health goals.

You’re unigue – your diet should be, too!

Dr. Sarah Williams will create a truly personalized nutrition plan for you based on your microbiome and your health history. Your nutrition plan will address your individual health issues as well as promote a stable blood sugar response to the foods you enjoy eating. Moreover, your plan will help you reach a healthy weight and reduce your risk of chronic disease.

To ensure that you get the most out of your personalized nutrition plan, you will also meet with our nurse & Certified Health Coach, Elisabeth Senkler, who will work with you to create healthy nutrition habits that last using your DayTwo app. Elisabeth will give you the tools and accountability you need to put your nutritional plan into action so that you can reach your wellness goals.

Interested in losing weight and reducing your risk of chronic disease by stabilizing your blood sugar? Contact us for more information and experience for yourself the difference the Microbiome Diet can make in your health.


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The contents of this blog are intended for educational purposes only. The information presented here is not a substitute for proper medical attention, diagnosis, or treatment by a qualified healthcare professional. Always seek the advice of your healthcare provider before starting or making any changes to an existing treatment plan, exercise program or dietary regimen and before using nutritional supplements.

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