Immune Resilience: Your Key to Good Health in the Age of Covid-19

In today's world, optimal health requires an immune system that responds swiftly and appropriately. One that's balanced and able to quickly recover after any health challenge. Optimal health requires Immune Resilience.

Immune Resilience: What it is

A healthy immune system can bounce back from every significant threat without over-reacting. Immune resilience allows your body to fight off an infection and then return back to a state of readiness.

Immune Resilience requires reserve. When your body is free of inflammation and chronic disease, your immune system has reserve and is available to fully react to any pathogens by mounting a timely immune response. Moreover, when your immune system is balanced, you're full of energy, able to concentrate easily, sleep deeply, and are free of the aches and pains that plague so many people today.

Immune Resilience: Why Your Health Depends on It

A balanced immune system is fundamental to the health of every major system in your body, including your joints and the mucosal lining of your gut, sinuses, urinary tract, and airways.

Optimal health occurs when your immune system achieves balance within and without. A balanced immune system is able to tell friend from foe: it detects the foreign invader, reacts correctly, and cleans up afterward. It also doesn't cause friendly fire: a balanced immune system won't get it's signals crossed and start attacking your own tissues, thereby creating the chronic inflammation which leads to many chronic diseases as well as autoimmune disease. You can find out if your immune system is balanced by taking our Immune Readiness Test.

Immune Resilience: How You Can Get It & Keep It

You can build immune resilience by bringing balance back to your immune system. The Pure Response Program focuses on resetting your immune response. It identifies and addresses any imbalances that may be causing your immune system to over- or under-react. Once these areas of imbalance are identified, the Pure Response Program uses targeted botanical supplements, a custom-tailored dietary plan, and health coaching to reset your body's natural immune balance and provide it with the right conditions to thrive.