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"Dr Sarah Williams is truly a pivotal partner in my healthcare. She embodies holistic health in every way. She has helped transform my physical health, uncovered invaluable genetic information, while maintaining my emotional well being. She is an evidenced based practitioner on the cutting edge of science based medicine. For me she has filled a great void in my health team and my family and I rely on her unparalleled expertise for everything from the common cold, emotional struggles, and weight loss, to managing Celiac Disease and Multiple Sclerosis. Dr Williams is a unique and skilled professional who provides invaluable insight. I am deeply grateful for her dedication".

Jamie- Danvers

My impression upon consulting Dr. Williams was that, for the first time, I was talking with someone who actually practices good medicine.  Her practice is to understand and treat causes, not just treat symptoms.  For fifty years I have had moderate to severe gastric and related issues.  It now appears that they were all caused by a combination of food allergies that went undiagnosed and the aftermath of pharmaceuticals. After three weeks I told my wife that I was just about at the stage of saying that I never knew that the way I now feel (pain and symptom free) is the way one is supposed to feel.


W.W.  Weston, MA

“After many frustrating rounds of different treatments to attain clearer skin including birth control pills, antibiotics, and skin care regimens over a two year period, I saw instant results, literally within days, under Dr. Sarah Williams care. With a change in my diet combined with nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies, my skin cleared up immediately. I sound like an infomercial, I know, but this truly works! Thank you Dr. Sarah!”                                                      G.D- Carlisle, MA



I recently had a colonoscopy.  My last scope, about 6 years ago, showed polyps that the doctor’s notes that I saw apparently put me at elevated risk of colon cancer.


As I expected, my recent colonoscopy was completely clean. I attribute that outcome entirely to your diagnosis of wheat in less than one minute that dragoons of doctors with invasive and painful tests couldn’t figure out in 50 years, followed by your course of treatment.  Again, my profound thanks.  


 "My son has struggled with terrible warts for around 4 years.  He had them frozen several times at the pediatrician. Also, a genital wart cream was tried with no success.  That didn't work so we went to the dermatologist who froze the warts. That did not work so a laser over a 6 month period was tried.  We then switched dermatologists.  Our new dermatologist froze the warts then applied beetle juice on top which causes huge blood blisters.  This was done every couple months over a two year period.   The last resort from the dermatologist was injecting the warts.  That did not work either.  Not knowing what else to do we went to a plastic surgeon.  Scraping the warts then extracting them and repairing with skin grafts was the option they presented.    Every procedure that was done was extremely painful and broke my heart that he was in pain.  He was also embarrassed because the warts where so large that he wore bandaids everyday.I was having dinner with a friend one evening and she suggested we meet with Dr Williams.   What she said made so much sense.  The warts had to be treated from the inside out.  She treated my son for five months and he is now wart free!So for the first time in 4 years my son will not be wearing bandaids on his fingers".                                                                                           Paulette H.


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