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    Gut Health

    Your gut is the gateway to the rest of the body. If your gut health is compromised, your overall health is compromised. ​Research has shown that your gut health directly impacts your overall well-being. Optimizing the health of your gut through functional medicine can dramatically improve your physical and mental health.

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  • Stress Recovery

    Always Tired? Trouble Sleeping? Brain Fog? You Could Be Suffering From Adrenal Dysfunction Produced by Chronic Stress. Our Stress Recovery Program will address the drivers of your adrenal dysfunction and bring balance back into your life.

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    Brain Health

    When your brain is not functioning optimally, you’re unable to fully engage in every aspect of your life. Brain fog, poor memory, and fatigue are all symptoms of neuroinflammation.

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  • Specialized Functional Medicine Lab Tests

    The functional medicine approach uses cutting-edge diagnostic testing to identify the drivers of your health issues. Schedule an appointment today.

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  • Vibrant Health for Women

    You can experience vibrant health at every stage of life. Restoring hormone balance and supporting adrenal function help you to stay strong as you age.

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  • Thyroid Health

    Autoimmune thyroid disorders can be caused by a variety of factors including genetic susceptibility, presence of other autoimmune illnesses, and environmental triggers such as diet​, stress, toxins, past infections.

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  • Mold Recovery Plan

    You can regain your health after mold exposure. Recovering from mold exposure is a multi-step process. We are here to guide you through the process so you can get your health back.

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  • Liver Health

    When your liver is not functioning optimally, you’ll gradually notice symptoms as the other systems in your body become burdened with toxins. Fatigue, dark circles under the eyes, depression, hormonal imbalances, muscle, and joint pains, skin problems, and headaches can all come from the same source: poor liver health function.

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    Weight Loss

    Would you like to lose weight, optimize your metabolism, and improve your cognition and slow down the aging process? ProLon targets the inflammation that plays an important role in healthy weight loss. Not only is ProLon a fat-burning game changer when it comes to losing weight, it also lowers your risk of chronic disease.

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  • Long Haul COVID

    If you’re experiencing long-lasting symptoms after COVID, there is hope. The functional medicine approach to long haul COVID can help restore health back to those areas of your body affected by COVID.

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  • CardioMetabolic Health

    If you’ve made some unhealthy choices over your lifetime, there’s hope: you can change your cardiovascular health and improve your overall well-being. The functional medicine approach addresses what’s driving your chronic inflammation and helps you harness the power of healthy lifestyle choices to lower your risk.

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  • Joint Health

    Staying physically active at every age not only makes life more enjoyable, it’s essential to maintaining good health. That’s why it is important to address joint issues like discomfort, swelling, pain or instability before they become debilitating problems. The functional medicine approach to joint health will address what’s driving your joint issues and support other aspects of your health so that you can enjoy an active life.

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