Mold Recovery Plan

You can regain your health after exposure to mold.

Recovering from mold exposure is a multi-step process. If you are looking for a mold specialist or functional medicine doctor, Dr. Sarah WIlliams can help in and around Concord, MA! We are here to guide you through that process so that you can have your life back.

If you’re suffering from mold, and need a mold specialist, there’s hope! We are here to help you get your health back. Check out these helpful resources:

Mold Recovery Plan

While everyone’s path to wellness after mold exposure is a unique one, there are some basic steps that each person should take. We’ve put together a plan that lists the most important steps.

1. Find out the source of your mold exposure.

Mold is frequently found in high humidity environments, basements, under sinks & in shower or bathtub areas. It can also grow under carpets, in your car, or in certain foods. An affordable way to test for mold & mycotoxins is an EMMA test. You can also have a qualified mold inspector pinpoint the source of your mold issue & recommend steps needed to properly remediate your mold. Want an EMMA test kit? Need a referral for a mold inspector? Just ask us!

2. Use a qualified mold remediation professional for mold testing.

Once you have identified the source of mold growth, avoid further exposure by having the mold in your home removed correctly, safely, and as soon as possible.

A poor remediation job can actually worsen your mold problem and spread microscopic mold spores to other areas of your home. A certified mold remediator will effectively eliminate mold while protecting your home environment. Ask us for a list of qualified mold remediation companies.

3. Identify which mycotoxins are affecting your health.

​It’s not enough to just properly remediate mold from your environment, you also need to identify and remove mold & the toxins they produce from your body. Mold can range from low-risk mold causing skin irritation all the way up to serious molds. Black mold is a serious mold that can cause health risks like respiratory system issues, congestion health problems, and is considered toxic.

Ask us which mycotoxin testing is best for you.

4. Start your supervised mold detoxification program.

Mold remediation starts with removing mold in your home and mycotoxins from your body involves a customized metabolic detoxification program and low mold diet.

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