Functional Medicine Near Lincoln, MA

If you have tried everything and can’t seem to feel healthy you may consider seeing a Functional Medicine Doctor. Today’s healthcare system is not healthcare it’s pharmacology. Most doctors prescribe medications to solely treat symptoms. You should get more out of your healthcare.

Dr. Sarah Williams is a chiropractic doctor and has her Master’s in Human Nutrition/Functional Medicine. She is certified in Homeopathy and also specializes in genomics and functional immunology. Her mission is to help her patients in Lincoln and all of Massachusetts with customized health care that helps them achieve total wellness.

We Help Patients Near Lincoln, MA

Our team is proud to bring our services to the people of Lincoln, Massachusetts, and the nearby areas. Lincoln is part of Middlesex County and has about 7,000 residents in this small town. It has a quaint but rich colonial history with famous landmarks such as the Codeman House, which is on the National Register Of Historic Places. We are happy to help the people here with their health and wellness. Our office is close to the Lincoln community. Our address is 56 Winthrop Street Concord, MA 01742.

Frequently Asked Questions About Functional Medicine

If you have questions about functional medicine or how we customize treatment plans, we can answer that for you. Here are some common questions we receive from our patients. 

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on identifying the root cause of illness. Functional medicine doctors often use a biology-based system approach, which focuses on the function of all body systems. Since all systems work together, if one system is out of balance, the others will suffer. Functional medicine is a natural approach that places the patient above the symptoms to identify the root cause of illness and work toward healing. 

What Conditions Do You Address?

We believe addressing health conditions at the source will help uncover the root cause of chronic issues. Rather than focus on the symptoms, we dive deeper and find the main cause. Some conditions we address include skin conditions, digestive issues, insomnia, depression, asthma, metabolic function, lyme disease, and autoimmune conditions. 

How Does Functional Medicine Help Patients Recover From Illness?

Since functional medicine is a biology-based systems approach to healthcare, it can help many people recover from chronic illness. Functional medicine doctors focus on helping people recover from symptoms by helping them identify the root cause of illness. The symptoms people experience are often a sign of a deeper health issue, and helping them heal from the inside out will promote optimal health and prevent future issues.

Doctors use a combination of holistic therapies, nutrition, exercise, supplements, lab and diagnostic testing to determine the root cause of illness. Then, they often make a customized recovery plan that meets the unique needs of each patient. 

Do I Need Functional Medicine?

The great thing about functional medicine is that it works for all ages and health needs. Even if you are not suffering from a serious illness, this approach will improve your health and wellness. Doctors work carefully with each patient and listen closely to all their needs. They focus on medical history, environmental factors, and lifestyle to better understand the best recovery plan for your health. Dr. Sarah Williams will take extra time to address each of your health concerns.

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We love serving our residents near Lincoln and all of Massachusetts. Don’t get stuck in a health system that doesn’t help you heal. Let us help you today!

Please contact us at 978-218-2312 if you have questions about Functional Medicine or would like to schedule a consultation. Dr. Sarah Williams’s office looks forward to partnering with you on your road to wellness.