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Chronic Lyme Study

Do You Suffer From Chronic Lyme Disease?



If you are 18 – 65 years of age, you can be part of our cutting-edge research study on Chronic Lyme Disease.

Goal of Study:

10-20% of patients treated with antibiotics for Lyme Disease suffer form persistent symptoms including fatigue, pain, joint or muscle aches, and neuro-cognitive deficits. This subset of patients are labeled as having Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS) if they continue to experience persistent symptoms of Lyme Disease six months after completing antibiotic therapy.


70% of the immune system is located in the gut. Research has shown that the gut microbiome (the microorganisms that live in the gut and their genes) plays an important role in the health of the immune system. An unhealthy balance of bacteria in the intestinal tract can result in a condition called Gut Dysbiosis. This imbalance can cause the lining of the gut to become permeable or "leaky". When the lining of the gut becomes permeable, microorganisms (bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungi) and large particles, such as undigested food, can pass through the gut lining and gain access to the bloodstream. Gut Dysbiosis has been shown to negatively impact physical and mental health.


The goal of this study is to evaluate the impact of restoration of the gut microbiome has on the severity of symptoms in patients with PTLDS. Prebiotic and probiotic therapy has been shown to confer several health benefits in humans, including the resolution of gut dysbiosis. Prebiotics are foods that nourish the beneficial bacteria living in the gut. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that which can be ingested in the form of foods like yogurt or sauerkraut or in pill form.


What it involves:

This 3-month study looks at the impact of improving gut health on the severity of symptoms of individuals with Chronic Lyme Disease.  As a participant in this study, you will be provided with free testing and 3 months of treatment to restore the health of your gut.

Interested in participating?  Here’s what you need to do:

Complete our questionnaire to see if you are eligible to participate in this study. Dr. Sarah Williams and the team here in Concord, MA, will review your responses and contact you to let you know if you have met the eligibility requirements.





Still have questions?

We would be happy to answer your questions regarding our study. You can contact us by phone: 508-221-5012 or by email at: the link provided here.


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