Your Microbiome: The Key to A Healthy & Happy You

Your body is populated with trillions of micro-organisms which impact your health in many ways – for better or for worse.

Your microbiome consists of various micro-organisms such as bacteria, yeast, and viruses andtheir genes. These mirco-organisms live in communities throughout your body, including your mouth, gut, sinuses, lungs, bladder, and skin.

Your gut is home to the largest of these microbial communities and, thus, has a major impact on your health. When your gut is healthy, the beneficial bacteria that live there ​help you digest and absorb your food, synthesize vitamins, control your appetite and metabolism, influence your mood, train your immune system, and help determine how your genes are expressed. 
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You are what the micro-organisms living in your gut eat

Would you like to lose weight, increase your energy, improve your mood & promote balanced blood sugar levels?

Our functional medicine doctor uses the latest in diagnostic testing to assess the health of your gut microbiome and creates a personalized wellness plan that includes customized nutrition to nourish your gut microbiome for a healthier & happier you.

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